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Pepsi Co

PepsiCo gave the task of capturing millennials with an emotionally relevant brand that is grounded in the fun and playful positivity of soda to destroy their competition, La Croix.

Launching a new product in a highly competitive category meant that the brand had to tap into something deeper than product formulation or benefit. Analyzing cultural trends brought the opportunity for the brand to come to life and gave dimension to a target consumer, Generation Play. We clarified the role for the brand to play in the lives of Generation Play with a shared belief that every moment can be a moment for fun, if you let it happen. Therefore, we created a sparkling water brand that gives consumers the ability to crack a smile.

As one of the Creative Directors on the team, I was responsible for collaborating to conceive the name Bubly and creative strategy. In addition, I crafted and directed the brand idea, identity, visual system and iconic smiles that are unique to each of the eight original flavors.

F37 Ginger

The verbal system of Bubly is upbeat and charismatic paired with a playfully modern aesthetic. The geometric letterforms of F37 Ginger gave the verbal system a unique identity for the tone that would stand out across global markets.

The Campaign Launch

For the launch of Bubly, a 30 second TV spot was created highlighting all aspects of the brand from the colors to the iconic smiles and aired for the first time during the 2018 Oscars. Extending the uplifting nature of the brand, a first-of-its-kind GIPHY partnership was established to launch the campaign. Accompanying this partnership were additional TV, social and digital executions to extend the momentum.


Creative Director & Design Direction

Executive Creative Director:
AJ Hassan

Executive Creative Director:
Mike Rigby

Creative Director:
Corey Lewis and Augustus Cook

Senior Designer:
Mike Wilgus

Blas Madera

Verbal Designer:
Andy Green

Client Partner:
Pepsi Design & Innovation