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Huffington Post

Celebrating Huffington Post’s 10 year anniversary, the publisher wanted to rethink its existing site to showcase the wealth of content and evolution for how news was delivered.

A bold new design was created to maintain the brand equity the company had in its current mark, trademark green and familiar masthead. The data-driven intelligence was brought to life by featuring longer article page scrolls to allow viewers quick navigation from one article to another.

The design of the site was built on a system of cards derived from the Huffington Post ‘H’ shorthand symbol. This system created a link back to the existing brand and gave it a connection to the product interactions. The card system visually showed how Huffington Post framed its point of view to deliver great stories no matter the category of content.

The Huffington Post News Splash

Huffington Post is known for quickly delivering the most important point of view. A collection of templates were created to showcase the level of importance of a news splash, whether it is breaking news or an ongoing current perspective.


Creative Direction & Lead Designer

UX Director
Peter Gallo

Senior UX Designer
Marc Rabinowitz

Senior Designer
Brain Aguilar

Senior Designer
Yuna Kim