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Disrupting the wireless category amongst millennial consumers is not an easy task for America’s larger telco, Verizon.

However, with a new brand and differential positioning, we developed a solution that would give millennials a more fluid plan for their data usage.

Juice by Verizon is the first of its kind, specifically created to catered to the needs of the millennial demographic. This service gives consumers the best options that fit their lifestyle without lowering there standards for wireless carriers.

The Logo Mark

The idea for the brand was derived from the name Juice, a fluid and liquid identity. The logo mark was the starting point for articulating this liquid brand behavior of the system.

The Vision For The App

The liquid Juice tank brought the brand behavior to life by creating an experience  that allows consumers the ability to keep track of their data consumption through the depletion of liquid. A market places created where one could buy and spend data whenever needed or turn Juice into a currency to earn, buy or trade data. The goal was to provide complete flexibility around how one spends money on data.

The app allowed our target consumer the ability to tailor the wireless experience to their personal lifestyle. Not a big data consumer? Send data to a friend for pizza. Need data on the fly? Interact with one of the partner brands to earn data as you go. 


Design Director

Executive Creative Director:
Matt Marcus

Executive Creative Director:
Mike Rigby

Creative Director:
Christian Butte

Senior Designer:
Mike Wilgus

Experience Design Director:
Rebecca Ussai