LIFEWTR Series 1

  • Brand System
  • Campaign
  • Digital
Pepsi Co

PepsiCo wanted to launch its first premium bottled water brand. Utilizing the pre-existing logo and packaging design, a brand purpose and system was created to launch the product in its first campaign.

Art is essential to life, as is water. This relationship created a brand purpose that allowed PepsiCo to periodically swap out the bottle art designed by emerging artists. It also provided a campaign brand behavior called inspiration drops, which developed a story that could introduce LIFEWTR to the world by using the bottle as a canvas to bring art back into peoples lives.

The Web Platform

Creating the web presence for LIFEWTR was key to showcasing the activity of the campaign through the duration of its launch. The design was built and designed with modular blocks. This modulalarity allowed for a flexible system to dynamically populate the platform based on campaign activity.

Currently, the experience has evolved from the original design. However, the concept and essential foundation is still presence in the live site Now that the brand is into its 7th series, it showcases how the starting elements provided the experience for foundation to grow and evolve.


Design Direction & Lead Designer

Executive Creative Director:
Matt Marcus

Executive Creative Director:
AJ Hassan

Creative Director:
Eric King

Associate Creative Director:
Derek Heinze & Matt Mortimer

Senior Designer:
Mike Wilgus