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Sean Parker

What started as a rebrand, became an endeavor to create a revolutionary new brand that could both live up to the ambition of the organization and capture the way PICI accelerates the field of cancer research at every phase.

The brand turns that acceleration into a behavior—visual, verbal, and experiential. The acceleration brand behavior became the Progress Bar graphic device that leads people through the PICI story. The system parallels the way PICI catalyzes the field by reversing category cliches, making bold and provocative statements, and portraying their scientists as the heroes they are. In doing so, it humanized the brand in a world of solo scientists and scary cells.

The progress bar element is integrated with the typeface characters of the PX Grotesk alphabet designed by Nicolas Eigenheer of Optimo Foundry.



Creative Director and Lead Designer

Executive Creative Director:
Mike Rigby

Associate Creative Director:
Corey Lewis

Verbal Designer:
Annelise Alexander

Design Director:
Elizabeth Ferraro

Bernise Wong

Billy Kidd